Our Experience

The project that started it all…

In 1995, a young Brady Fry closed on an older, very outdated cottage in the 12 South neighborhood of Nashville. Brady always had an eye for design and saw great bones and true potential.  While he had experience working in construction, he never before had undertaken a project of this magnitude. He was determined to bring his vision to life.

By the time it was completed, the modest home had undergone a complete transformation: kitchen, bathrooms, flooring-  even down to the restoration of the original turn of the century millwork. The successful completion of this project, his first-ever remodel, planted a seed in Brady’s head; he knew he had found a way to channel his creativity and discovered a true passion for the artistic side of residential home building.

“I have always built every house to the best of my ability, and I’m proud I can go back to homes I built 20 years ago and still appreciate their quality.”  – Brady Fry

Brady continued working in the field, primarily taking on remodeling projects and additions in the Hillsboro Village area. As the years went by, his reputation for quality work, honesty and excellent communication began to grow, and the opportunities grew as well.

From those modest beginnings, Brady’s attention to detail, true craftsmanship, and love of building remained constant.  Today, 20+ years after that first remodel, Fry Classic Construction is one of the premier custom home builders in Davidson and Williamson counties. From home renovations and additions to $6.5 million dollar complete luxury home builds– Fry does it all, and does it well.

Building long-lasting relationships…

“When a client asks what separates us from our competitors, they probably think I am going to say ‘we are very detail-oriented’ or ‘our bids are competitively priced,’ says Brady.  “However, I always say that what truly separates us is our emphasis on effective communication and respect. We are always available for our clients. We will answer the phone and return phone calls and emails with the same urgency during construction and after bills are paid as we did before we were hired.”

“Good communication and mutual respect go a long way in developing relationships with clients.”

“It may sound simple – but we have been awarded many projects based on returning phone calls promptly and showing up to meetings on time.”

Building detailed architectural designs…

Brady employs his own crew of dedicated carpenters, each having at least 20 years of experience in the residential home building industry.  We also have wonderful working relationships with Nashville’s premier interior designers and architects. Our collaborations have produced some truly amazing builds, full of interesting design elements, artistic flourishes and expert workmanship.

Our primary focus is building single-family detached homes and unlike some of our competitors, we do not build developments. We are not in it for the commodity.  We are not brokers of materials and products – we are expert builders and we pride ourselves on our innovative designs and attention to detail.

We want each home to be accurate reflections of our clients’ individual tastes- and that would simply not be the case if we chose to build cookie-cutter neighborhoods, condos, and apartment complexes.  We enjoy the challenge of building unique, truly custom homes that don’t lose the personal connection we share with our clients.