Nashville Luxury Home Builder Designs High Profile Contemporary Farmhouse

Nashville’s Fry Classic Construction wow’s community with Contemporary Farmhouse build/renovation.

Nestled in the city of Oak Hill, just a few short miles from Tennessee’s rapidly expanding city of Nashville you will find a masterpiece of a home built by none other than Fry Classic Construction. The contemporary farmhouse style is continually becoming more popular, and home builders have taken notice, and when it comes to custom home building, Fry Classic Construction is one of The Greater Nashville Area’s biggest influencers. The general contractor, Brady Fry, has been recognized in the Nashville area for two decades as a luxury custom home builder, additionally offering remodeling and rehabilitation services.

Nashville Contractor Builds Contemporary Farmhouse in Davidson County



“As one wanders around the outside of the house,
it becomes very apparent the attention to detail.”

Fry Construction goes above and beyond for their clients.

In the Busyboo article written by Trevor Barzee, he sings the praises of this contemporary farmhouse by stating, “…every element in this home seems to effortlessly complement the next”. The article goes on to recognize Fry Classic Construction’s wealth of knowledge and experience building and renovating luxury custom homes.

“[This] Nashville Residence is dressed to impress – and impress it does” – Kassandra DeKoning

Fry Classic Construction generally works within the Greater Nashville Area of Davidson County, but has completed custom home projects in surrounding communities:

  • Brentwood
  • Franklin
  • Leiper’s Fork

Within their niche of Nashville, they have completed projects in the following communities:

  • Green Hills
  • Forest Hills
  • Belle Meade
  • Belmont
  • West End

Recognized Internationally

Kassandra DeKoning, of Canada, came across Fry’s Contemporary Farmhouse build and drew much of her inspiration for her own home from its portfolio. She writes in her online blog about what inspires her design by stating, “[I] both love the contrast of black windows for both the interior and exterior of the home. Board and batten siding with stone accents to warm the exterior…” Photos of Fry’s Contemporary Farmhouse can be found here.

Fry Classic Construction is a full-service general contractor that has been elevating the level of construction and design in the Greater Nashville Area for the past 20 years. If you are interested in designing or building a custom home, please visit our website to get started.


Fry Classic Construction Launches New Website and Blog

At Fry, we celebrate 20 years of luxury home builds and award-winning designs, and are showcasing them on our new website.

Welcome to our new website and blog!  After months of development, Fry Classic Construction is pleased to officially launch our brand new site – what better way to celebrate our 20th anniversary in Nashville’s growing custom home building industry?  As our fair city has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two decades, so has our small company – and we are excited to show off our latest innovative luxury home builds and award-winning designs on our new website.

Here at Fry Classic Construction, we know that good communication is essential to maintaining a good relationship; that’s why we wanted to build a new site in order to better serve you, our clients. We’ve worked tirelessly with our developers to design a simple, straightforward website that allows our clients to find and view the information they are looking for quickly and easily – whether it be about new home building from the ground up or making renovations to an existing home.

Our brand new blog will allow us to discuss relevant topics in the custom build industry – such as the latest design trends, home automation innovations, and answer frequently asked questions.

Here at our new site, you can learn about our dedicated, hard-working team members, the history of Fry in the Nashville area, and the project process from initial inquiry through completion.  Learn about the services we offer in the Williamson and Davidson County area and the past awards we have won for excellence in building design.

Top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail are two qualities we pride ourselves on, and we wanted our new website to reflect those same values. Take a minute to look around-  whether your preferred home style is traditional, modern, contemporary, or transitional- we do it all. We build homes to our clients’ exact tastes and specifications, and we have the satisfied clients (and the photo gallery) to prove it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know if you cannot find something or if you’d like to make any suggestions – all comments and feedback are welcome!  Making sure our clients’ needs are fulfilled is our number one priority. Thanks for stopping by our new digs!

Top 2018 Trends in Luxury Home Builds

Clients want lavish amenities and technical innovations incorporated into their home designs.

Being a luxury home builder and full-service general contracting firm, we like to stay educated on the latest industry trends in design and architecture.  Here at Fry Classic Construction, we often incorporate these elements into our own custom home builds here in Tennessee in order to successfully meet our clients’ needs.  Here are 5 popular features that affluent clients have been requesting in 2018.

  1. Natural elements Environmental consciousness plays a role in the luxury industry’s latest trends as more clients want elements of the outdoors brought in to their home designs.  The use of all natural building materials, such as bamboo and hardwood, and using nature-inspired color schemes throughout the home are popular choices.Incorporating plants, stone, and exposed brick into the build is also common. We’ve used handcrafted Peacock Pavers stone to surround a luxury outdoor pool in Oak Hill, as one example of this trend.  Cerused and faux wood finishes add more interest and texture to a minimal room. We recently completed a custom home in Green Hills that featured a stunning faux finished wood framed staircase and a natural cypress wood ceiling in their dining room.
  2. Smart homes Over the last few years, demand has skyrocketed for smart home technology. Clients want to be able to control their home systems from their smartphones, both at home and remotely.  Smart home automation options include home security alarms, thermostats, lighting, and entertainment systems. Voice activation, outdoor infrared cameras, and home assistants (Alexa, Google Home) are popular requests.
  3. Spa-like bathrooms Affluent clients want their homes to be a true escape from the hubbub of modern life, and the same holds true for the bathrooms as well.  They want their bathrooms to be a personal, spa-like oasis, exuding tranquility and peace. Some luxury bathrooms are now being built with large wall-length windows, allowing as much natural light in as possible.We’ve installed heated bathroom floors for a client in Oak Hill and a free-standing, spa-like tub in a Brentwood home, and these luxury amenity requests are only becoming more common.
  4. Home saunas and gyms Including an in-home sauna and personal gym into your build is becoming increasingly common.  The inclusion of such luxuries into a home offer a measure of personal convenience for the clients (why drive to the gym when you already have one in your basement?) as well as the actual physical and mental benefits of using them. Another plus?  Adding well-being amenities will increase the value of the property.
  5. Luxury closets Large walk-in closets are usually high up on a client’s must-have list.  These ‘dressing suites’ typically run the size of a guest bedroom and feature built-in shelving and vanity tables. Vintage furniture, ambient lighting, and candelabras are other luxury elements that clients often want included. We built a spacious deluxe master closet in a home in Oak Hill and included beautiful antique mirror on the cabinet doors.

Fry Classic Construction has been elevating the level of construction and design in the Nashville metro area for the last two decades. We are a full service general contracting firm specializing in new residential construction and remodeling. Every home we build is completely customized to suit the needs and personal preferences of each client, resulting in some of the most beautiful and innovative custom homes in Middle Tennessee.

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Renovation Project Spotlight: Ruby Event Venue

Fry Classic Construction transforms former church into award-winning Midtown Nashville event space.

Here at Fry Classic Construction, we want to use our new blog as a means of communication with our current and prospective clients and also to highlight memorable past builds.  Ruby, the former church turned award-winning boutique event venue, is one of our previous rehabilitation projects that we are especially proud of.

When we were initially approached by owners Dan and Brenda Cook – they told us they had just purchased an old abandoned church in the heart of Hillsboro Village and hoped to transform it into a modern event venue would be the focal point of the growing Midtown neighborhood.  We hold a special place in our hearts for rehabilitation projects (our very first project was a renovation) and we were inspired and energized by their vision and couldn’t wait to collaborate.

As we began work on the renovation, one of our shared goals was to retain some of the building’s classic elements as a nod to its past as the former Primitive Baptist Church, and incorporate and repurpose those features into a new modern vision.  Through the course of the rehabilitation, we preserved the historic structure of the church- including the masonry walls, steel trusses, and hardwood floors and ceilings.

We combined these elements with natural materials to create a minimalist interior – the true plaster white walls lent a modern touch while contrasting with the industrial wood and steel truss ceilings overhead.  We also ensured the space would have ample natural lighting and a large amount of wide open space as the venue would be used for a variety of events.

The vision for outdoors was to integrate the park environment surrounding the building with the overall design to make the entire space feel like an escape from city life, an oasis in Hillsboro Village. We built out the building’s courtyards and added retaining walls and a railed deck that spans the length of the venue. The facility’s amazing view of Dragon Park’s famous dragon sculpture adds to its eclectic charm.

Upon completion, Ruby was immediately celebrated as a design marvel – a wonderful blend of modern and historic, minimalist and industrial.  Fry Classic Construction was thrilled to receive the Award for Urban Infill from Nashville’s Urban Institute Chapter for Ruby’s compelling design.  ULI award recipients are honored for innovation in land use and design, design and development excellence, contribution to the community/surrounding neighborhood, and environmental sensitivity, among other criteria.  We were honored to receive this prestigious award, and very pleased with the final results of this rehabilitation project.

Today, the repurposed historic structure has become one of Nashville’s most popular boutique event venues, currently available for wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as corporate events, private parties and seated dinners. Visit Ruby’s website to learn more about hosting an event.

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